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About Us

About Us


These are the two simple reasons we created this website:

  • Reversing the rising trend of English Bulldogs being abandoned because their parents can’t afford medical care.
  • Making the process of shopping for pet insurance easy, fun and interesting for English Bulldog owners.

How we’re different than other review sites:

While other review sites focus on comparing pet insurance for all dog breeds, we focus on breed-specific health concerns instead. You’ll never read a one-size-fits all review here and whatever we research and write about will be focused only on English Bulldogs.

Our Mission:

To help match English Bulldogs with a plan that fits their unique health needs. Research shows that pet insurance contributes to improved health, better veterinary care and less suffering for the animal. As Bulldog owners, this is especially true and our dogs deserve an insurance provider that won’t cancel their coverage or raise their premiums because of their health issues.

We also hope finding the right pet insurance will result in less Bulldogs being abandoned and surrendered to shelters. Remember, the earlier you get your Bulldog insured, the lower the lifetime insurance costs will be.

About our Team:

We employ a talented team of researchers and professional writers who own English Bulldogs or who are passionate about their welfare and willing to do whatever they can to improve their quality of life.

Each review is the culmination of dozens of hours spent reviewing each line of the insurance policy, speaking to representatives, reading and summarizing customer reviews and so much more. And the content on this website is updated daily to ensure our information is accurate and fresh.

We work hard to make finding pet insurance for your English Bulldog easy and convenient and we hope that our work reflects that.

Thank you for being here. We’re so glad you stopped by. And if we could reach through your screen and give you a squishy, slobbering bulldog kiss, we totally would.




The English Bulldog Pet Insurance Review Team

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