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AKC PetPartners Insurance For English Bulldogs

PetPartners/AKC Review Score

Our GradeC-
Average User Rating: ( 4.33/5 (3) stars)
4.33/5 (3) 28 customer reviews

AKC PetPartners Insurance Review

About PetPartners/AKC Pet Insurance

A big plus with PetPartners/AKC Pet Insurance is the ability to build your own plan to meet your pet’s specific needs, although the pet health insurance offerings are rather limited in some key areas. The most basic CompanionSelect plan offers accident-only coverage, while the CompanionPlus plan covers accidents as well as injuries.

Increase coverage even further with a wellness plan that reimburses you for select routine care options. The two wellness plans are billed as Defender and DefenderPlus, with the latter offering overall higher reimbursements as well as coverage for spay/neuter procedures and teeth cleaning.

Three other plan add-ons can extend your base policy’s coverage to inherited conditions, diabetes and exam care. Illness, wellness and add-on coverage is limited to dogs under the age of 9. Even if you have an existing policy throughout the lifetime of your dog, the policy automatically switches to accident-only coverage once your dog hits 9 years old.

PetPartners/AKC Pet Insurance lets you choose any licensed vet you wish throughout the US and Canada, although policy holders must be US residents. Reimbursements for base plans and add-ons can cover up to 80 percent of your costs, while wellness plans reimburse you based on a set benefit schedule. Claims can be filed by email, fax or mail.

PetPartners has been the pet insurance provider of the American Kennel Club (AKC) since 2003, which is why the two companies are linked in the pet insurance arena. The AKC itself does not offer pet insurance.

What Does PetPartners/AKC Pet Insurance Offer English Bulldogs?

Basic plans do not cover hereditary or congenital conditions, which includes the common ailment of hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia and other common hereditary conditions are covered by the InheritedPlus endorsement, which extends to cover arthritis, osteoarthritis, diabetes, luxating patella, spondylosis and elbow dysplasia.

Because English bulldogs are often born with certain conditions, and are predisposed to others due to their genetic makeup, it’s imperative English bulldog owners review all conditions covered by the add-on to ensure the policy will be useful.

While a sample policy and other pertinent details are limited on the PetPartners.com site, more information and a sample can be found at AKCPetInsurance.com.

It’s also imperative to thoroughly investigate what the company considers to be a pre-existing condition, as pre-existing conditions are not covered under any circumstances. One reviewer found this out the hard way when her puppy suffered from diarrhea early on, and then months later ate part of a plastic crate that led to an upset digestive system. The latter incident was not covered due to stomach issues being deemed a “pre-existing condition.”

Purebred English bulldog owners who register with the AKC may be excited to note you are invited to try AKC Pet Insurance free for 60 days. However, several who signed on had their excitement dashed quite quickly when they realized the major limitations of the free coverage as well as delays and waiting periods that resulted in the free trial being essentially worthless.

PetPartners/AKC Pet Insurance Coverage Summary


Basic plans cover injuries and related costs; plus plans add cancer and illnesses. Optional riders are required for inherited conditions, diabetes or exam care. Two wellness plans are also available.


Annual deductibles range from $100 to $1,000. No per-incident deductible applies.

Reimbursement Method

PetPartners/AKC Pet Insurance bases reimbursements on the vet bill, paying up to 80 percent of eligible charges after deductible is met. Wellness reimbursements follow a set benefit schedule.

Claim Limits

Claim limits apply to various aspects of coverage. While there is no lifetime limit, you may encounter annual limits and per incident limits.

Customer Service

PetPartners/AKC Pet Insurance received a rather dismal 6.0/10 lifetime rating by pet insurance reviews. Many complaints involved the numerous exclusions, which can increase at policy renewal time, as well as claim denials, stingy reimbursements and shoddy customer service.

PetPartners/AKC Pet Insurance Q & A

QWhat add-on or plan do I need to cover alternative therapies for my English bulldog?

ANone of the policies offer reimbursement for alternative therapies, such as acupuncture or chiropractic care. However, laser therapy, physical therapy and hydrotherapy are not considered alternative therapies and are covered expenses if the condition they are treating is covered.

QWill the PetPartners/AKC Pet Insurance policy extend for the lifetime of my English bulldog?

APolicies have an age limit of 9 years old. You can continue coverage for an English bulldog age 9 or above if you already have an existing policy in place, although the coverage will automatically switch to accident-only coverage.

QIs cancer treatment covered for my English bulldog?

ACancer treatment is covered with the CompanionPlus plan that covers accidents and illnesses. The CompanionSelect plan covers accidents only.

Q Is there an easy way to check the exclusions before I purchase this insurance for my English bulldog?

AYes. You may review a sample CompanionPlus policy at https://www.akcpetinsurance.com/media/9940/ppi-companionplus-tac-sample.pdf. The exclusions are rather extensive, with clauses that even exclude your English bulldog from treatment for illnesses and injuries resulting from enemy attacks and nuclear radiation.

PetPartners/AKC Review Score

Our GradeC-
Average User Rating: ( 4.33/5 (3) stars)
4.33/5 (3) 28 customer reviews

What's Covered

  • Accidents
  • Laboratory Tests
  • X-rays, Ultrasound, MRI/CAT Scans
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription Medication
  • Euthanasia
  • Extractions of Permanent Teeth
  • Illnesses Covered with Plus Plan
  • Cancer Covered with Plus Plan

What's Not Covered

  • Hereditary or congenital conditions
  • Hip dysplasia without add-on coverage
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Puppies under 8 weeks
  • Dogs older than 9

Plan Highlights

  • Annual deductibles range from $100 to $1,000
  • Pet insurance provider to AKC since 2003
  • Two base plans, two wellness plans, optional add-ons
  • Freedom to select your own licensed vet
  • No limits on lifetime benefits

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