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Trupanion Insurance For English Bulldogs

Trupanion Review Score

Our GradeB
Average User Rating: ( 4.5/5 (1) stars)
4.5/5 (1) 39 customer reviews

Trupanion Insurance Review

About Trupanion Insurance

Trupanion offers one simple plan, which covers 90% of approved medical bills. Trupanion’s coverage includes basic coverage for all accidents and illnesses. Surgeries, hospitalization, medications, supplements and prescription food are covered as well.

Unlike Healthy Paws, alternative and holistic therapies are not covered under Trupanion’s standard plan. Our reviewers heard from several English Bulldog owners saying that alternative therapies like Chiropractic care and massage were the only treatments that seemed to help their dogs so this difference lowered their overall rating score. Trupanion does not cover routine vet visits and regular checkups either.

Trupanion has a per-incident, per-lifetime deductible plan. This means that members must meet a deductible for every condition. For example, cherry eye, hip dysplasia, allergies would all be subject to separate deductibles. But once the deductible is met, it carries over for the lifetime of the pet. You have the option to choose no deductible (and a higher monthly payment) or you can set an amount that fits your budget – from $50 to $1000 per condition.

Trupanion’s rating was also lowered by the fact that their plan allows them to increase your premium up to 20% per year. This price increase will go into effect if Trupanion determines the cost of care for your pet warrants it. Trupanion can also raise your premium if you take your dog to vets or hospitals different than the ones you selected at enrollment.

Our reviewers averaged thousands of Trupanion customer reviews, interviewed English Bulldog owners with Trupanion coverage and reviewed their policy, coverage and exclusions to determine an overall rating. Based on these factors, our experts rated Trupanion’s customer service, claims processing and coverage 4.6 out of 5 for English Bulldogs.

What Does Trupanion Offer English Bulldogs?

Trupanion has a great reputation for covering medical conditions that English Bulldogs are at high risk for developing. These include congenital and hereditary conditions, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, skin disorders, and entropion or other eye conditions. According to Trupanion’s website, “We do not exclude any conditions or breed-specific ailments. We even cover congenital and hereditary conditions.” This is great news for proactive Bulldog parents.

Trupanion’s plan provides full coverage and is straightforward; they offer one policy that is simple and comprehensive, they reimburse 90% of medical costs, and there is no payout limit. With Trupanion, your Bulldog receives unlimited lifetime medical coverage. Trupanion has a per-incident deductible that you can customize according to your budget. Trupanion policyholders consistently praise Trupanion for their commitment to covering healthcare costs.

What Does a Trupanion Claim Really Look Like?

From Trupanion’s Claim of the Week Blog Column:

“Bodhi the English Bulldog puppy is still in the process of learning how to be a “grown-up.” Unfortunately, he learned the hard way not to eat a fish hook. Bodhi was taken to the emergency animal hospital where he stayed for three days to receive treatment and recover.

Veterinarians used anesthesia and conducted an endoscopy to locate and remove the object. Bodhi was hospitalized and monitored for the next two days to ensure a smooth recovery.

We hope that Bodhi is on the mend and doesn’t have any more fish hooks in his future!”

Bodhi the Bulldog’s Claims Statement

Item Cost
Total Claim Amount $7,155.35
Deductible applied -$100.00
Ineligible costs (exam fee and pet food) -$123.00
10% co-insurance: -$693.23
covered $6,239.12

Trupanion Features & Benefits Table

Feature Details
Contract Length Month to month contract, no long-term commitment required
Required Age of Enrollment Puppies and dogs can be enrolled any time before their 14th birthday
Contract Length Cancel anytime; no commitment required
Extra Coverage Yes, Trupanion offers a Pet Owner Assistance Package for pet-related property damage, trip cancellation, boarding fees, and cremation/burial
Out of State Coverage Yes, the plan allows your pet to see a licensed vet in any state
Out of Country Coverage Yes, the plan provides coverage in Canada and Puerto Rico
Policy Price Change No premium increase due to claims made
Age Limit The plan covers your bulldog for his or her lifetime when enrolled before their 14th birthday
Annual Deductible Policyholders can choose their deductible from $0 to $1,000
Claim Limit No, there is no limit on the number of claims a policyholder can submit and no limit on the cost per claim
Maximum Coverage No maximum; the plan offers unlimited lifetime coverage
Annual Deductible Yes, policyholders can customize deductible
Pre-Authorization Yes, available via Trupanion’s Claims Express feature that pays the veterinarian directly in order to reduce the cost burden on pet owners
Discounts None offered


Trupanion is the only pet insurance company to offer one simple plan, eliminating the need to compare and research multiple plans and policies.

Trupanion is rated very high for customer service and claims processing. However, several members have complained about their per incident deductible policy. Trupanion allows its members to choose any licensed veterinarian or veterinary hospital, providing the freedom to find the right provider or facility.

Trupanion does not have a limit on total claims submitted and they do not limit payout per claim. Trupanion offers a Claims Express feature that eliminates paper processing and speeds up the pre-authorization or claim approval process.

Trupanion offers extra coverage for alternative therapies that are commonly needed by English Bulldogs but unlike other insurance providers (e.g. Healthy Paws) Trupanion charges another fee to add this coverage.

On average, both members and veterinarians gave Trupanion a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Trupanion scored in the top 5 for service, prompt payment, friendly staff and solid coverage.

However, complaints about per incident deductibles, charging extra for alternative therapies that other insurance companies offer for free and a policy that allows for price increases of up to 20% per year, puts Trupanion in 4th place on our pet insurance reviews.

Trupanion Review Score

Our GradeB
Average User Rating: ( 4.5/5 (1) stars)
4.5/5 (1) 39 customer reviews

What's Covered

  • Hereditary & Congenital Conditions
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Surgeries
  • Hospital Stays
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Medications
  • Veterinary Supplements
  • ACL (Cruciate Ligament) Surgery & Rehab
  • Prescription Pet Food
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Orthotic Devices

What's Not Covered

  • Pre-existing Conditions
  • Alternative & Holistic Care
  • Vet Exams
  • Dental Care
  • Wellness and Preventive Care

Plan Highlights

  • Covers 90% of Approved Claims
  • Covers Breed-Specific Conditions (Elbow & Hip Dysplasia)
  • One Simple Plan
  • Unlimited Payout Benefits
  • Customizable Deductibles From 0-$1000
  • 9/10 Overall Customer Review Score
  • Alternative Therapy Add-on For as low as $10/month
  • Healthy Pet Discounts
  • Full Accident and Illness Coverage
  • No exclusions for Congenital & Hereditary Conditions
  • Great Customer Service
  • Fast Claims Processing & Payout
  • Reimbursements Based on Actual Vet Bill
  • Prescription Food Coverage

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